Friday, 26 September 2014

I have choice

I did learn something - I have choice. I can sit here and wallow in the pain of what has happened. And wisely, I do need to grieve this one well if I want to move on to a new season in a healthy way. But I have this insane fear that I'm going to get stuck in grief, in disappointment, in depression. So how do I grieve well while still moving forward?

I've been seeing a Career Counselor. She is amazing. My friend Maple (who I talked about yesterday, she's getting a lot of air time) suggested I google "theravive". Oh wow was that ever a great idea. You type in whatever your issue is and where you're located and BANG - there is a list of Counselors for most every issue known to man. This person I'm seeing is an Art Therapist, a "Whole Brain Practioner" , a Career Counselor, was in ministry herself for 20 years and is an all around remarkable woman. I am so grateful she can process this with me. Anyway, she and I have done lots of testing around where my strengths and weaknesses lie and where I should go.

Based on the way my brain is wired, my top 4 career choices should be:

1. Pastor (hmmm.....)
2. Art Museum Curator
3. Doctor
4. Lawyer

not too far down the list are the more amusing:

8. Horticultural Manager
9. Blacksmith
14. Stonemason
18. Cavity Wall Insulator

I laugh.

I started on my Masters of Divinity a couple of years ago. So do I want to finish that? Yep. Would be a smart move. But schooling costs money and I have many mouths to feed. Not to mention that Ben starts University next fall.
I love to write. I love to speak. I am a musician.
I love groups of people. the bigger the better.

If I stay still for too long I get a headache. (Like right now I've had just about as much "alone time" as I can take). 

So my people - if you were me, what would you do next?

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